Chef Bizzaro Millinery Featured On Lakeshore Television Eye On The Arts

I’m excited to announce that Lakeshore Public Media did a feature on me for their Eye On The Arts feature.  It airs this Friday on PBS at 7pm but if you are not local you can watch the piece on YouTube.

Also in the chaos I forgot to write a blog letting everyone know that I now have a brick and mortar shop with my best friend The Closet by Franklin Vintage and Nielsen Antiques in the new Artspace Lofts in downtown Michigan City, IN.  Then if that wasn’t enough to keep my life busy I am also expecting baby number 4.  So to say that life has been chaos doesn’t even really cover it.

I can’t thank the people who have supported me from my glue gun beginnings enough for all the support and love that has been given to me over the years.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds!


It’s all in the attitude!

There a lot of things people do when stopping by my booth at shows.  Some laugh, almost all talk about the Royals, but my biggest ::womp womp:: with hat making is having people come up and instantly put on a grumpy face.  “I love your hats….I just look horrible in them.” “Oh these are lovely.  I really wish hats would come back in style” “Lovely, but  I just don’t have a occasion”  First of all the last comment MAKE A OCCASION!  Lets break this down:Fullscreen capture 5212015 22955 PM.bmp

  • I like it but I don’t have anywhere to wear a hat. -How many time do we buy that dress because we just look too good and want to get out?
  • I don’t look good in hats. –  First off your already coming into this with the wrong attitude.  If your not comfortable your not confident and confidence is key.  Hat’s come in all shapes and sizes from small headbands to cray avant-garde creations.  Find a piece that works for you.  Also most ladies just plop hats on and frown.  Every hat has a magic angle.  Try placing the hat different ways to find your sweet spot.  I have so many ladies try on hats and then I come in and adjust and MAGIC!  All of a sudden you look amazing in hats.  Also you are my own little marketing model.  If you look bad I look bad.
  • I really wish hats would come back in style. –  If you want hats to come back in WEAR A HAT!  I can tell you that they are very much coming back in style.  The cha-ching of mine and many other Etsy Milliners are ringing and the runways are full of hats.  The only way it’s really going to gain steam is if you put on a hat yourself and stop wishing.  Growing up I envied the lovely ladies of the past.  Always dressed to the nines with elegance and style.  Why did we lose that?  Why not try and get it back?!

Hat adds mystery, excitement, and almost always makes you the lady of the hour.  It takes you from wearing jeans and a t-shirt to being a fashionista.  I don’t always dress up for my shows. Most times I’m dressed comfy, but people don’t notice because my hat takes the outfit to another level.  There is a confidence high that you get by wearing a hat.  Don’t trust me?  Try it because I guarantee you once one person come up and squeals at how amazing your hat is you’ll never go back.

2015 And Still Making Crazy Hats!

So my blog has fallen by the wayside but for a great reason.  I’ve been busy making tons of crazy custom hats on top of my regular crazy!  So many things have happened since my last post along with the grant.  I’ve been featured in a local magazine, a Dubai World Cup magazine, and soooo much more.  I even held the first Hat/Easter Parade in Michigan City this past First Friday!

DSCF2820 DSCF2821 DSCF2833

It was cold but so much fun!  I even got a photo with Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer which I’m sure the Indiana Arts Commission is going to greatly appreciate.  I was able to do more than my planned 15 hats with the new hat blocks and I was able to receive new commissions with the larger styles.

So what am I up to now?  Well I’m working on getting ready for show season and 2 new collections.  One will be inspired by the Little Mermaid and the other Star Wars.  I’ve been doing a lot of great hats but I really want to get back to my quirky craziness that got me where I am today.

I also want to start blogging more and finally get that mailing list up and going.  It was nice though only focusing on my hats and not worrying about blogging.  Really Instagram has become my blog since I post everything I make as I make it.  IMG_2805IMG_2659

For those who follow my blog what would you like to see more of? Behind the scenes, DIY, Millinery tips?  I’m up for any suggestions.  Until then plan for my random blogs and fun pictures of hats -Amanda

I Got A Grant!

I’m very excited to announce that I am a recipient of the Indiana Individual Artist Grant!  It’s part of the reason I have been so quiet, as well as the crazy amount of hat making I’ve been trying to do for Lakefront Art Festival.

Soooo what does getting the grant mean?  It means I’ll be able to buy tons of blocks to do bigger more elaborate styles of hats!  It’s scary and amazing all at the same time.  Having these new blocks is going to make a huge difference in my millinery life and will give me new opportunities not only as a designer but  for teaching lessons as well.

I had tons of help putting this grant together and I couldn’t have done it without my 3 amazing friends.  Putting a grant together is no joke but it’s totally worth applying not only for the experience but for a chance to push yourself as a artist.  Most states have programs for artist funding and I encourage all my friends to look them up and apply.

I wish I could write a bigger post but hats await me!  Don’t forget to check out my events to see what I’m up to!



Alpha-Mary Magazine Shoot

I have been super busy with my hubs business Bowler Man Confections and of course making hats I haven’t had time to post any fun updates!

Just this month I had a piece featured in the new Alpa-Mary Magazine!  You can see my Garden Mouse Ears with some dreamy lingerie from Risque Business Designs issuetmFullscreen capture 5182014 55941 PM.bmp


I also did some fun shoots with Chris Zibutis and Loren Schmidt Photography:


It makes such a huge difference in my Shop when there are amazing professional photos for my listings!  I also added a newsletter to my site by the Shop link!  I plan to do giveaways, updates, and sales in my new newsletter.  In fact there’s a giveaway going on now on my facebook page as well as new events coming up.  Hope to update soon but remember you can always stalk my instagram to see what I’m up to.

Photo Shoots and Hat Classes

It’s good to be busy!  I know I have been horribly slacking on my site but it’s for good reason.  This past week I had a photo shoot and a hat class on top of making hats for the Kentucky Derby.  Also after a amazing Hunt & Gather show I was able to buy a new cloche block and have been busy playing with a much bigger hat style than I’m used to.  But first the hat class!

Clients-001It amazes me every time all the different ideas and styles my students can come up with that I never thought of before.  This class was Daring Derby and all the students learned what it takes to make a fabulous hat for the Kentucky Derby.  After a demonstrations they learned to wire, finish, and design there own hats.  Some were planning to wear there new pieces to Derby parties while others want to add them to there everyday attire.  The next class is Madhatting & Tea July 23 where we will decorate fascinators or mini-top hats.  I’ll have details soon.

Also last week I had a amazing shoot with Chris Zibutis.  We got to take shots of my latest pieces modeled by myself and Monica Zibutis (his wife and also a photographer).  It’s amazing how photos can make such a big difference in how your hats look!  You can see some of the sneak peeks here.  I also have added the new pieces to my shop if your looking for something fabulous to wear to the races or any party this spring.

10006357_223481114517220_8198122803762441761_n 10258885_223472311184767_6707356363603246564_n-001



My next show is July 26th in Three Oaks, Michigan for Art Attack.  I hope you can stop by!