It’s all in the attitude!

There a lot of things people do when stopping by my booth at shows.  Some laugh, almost all talk about the Royals, but my biggest ::womp womp:: with hat making is having people come up and instantly put on a grumpy face.  “I love your hats….I just look horrible in them.” “Oh these are lovely.  I really wish hats would come back in style” “Lovely, but  I just don’t have a occasion”  First of all the last comment MAKE A OCCASION!  Lets break this down:Fullscreen capture 5212015 22955 PM.bmp

  • I like it but I don’t have anywhere to wear a hat. -How many time do we buy that dress because we just look too good and want to get out?
  • I don’t look good in hats. –  First off your already coming into this with the wrong attitude.  If your not comfortable your not confident and confidence is key.  Hat’s come in all shapes and sizes from small headbands to cray avant-garde creations.  Find a piece that works for you.  Also most ladies just plop hats on and frown.  Every hat has a magic angle.  Try placing the hat different ways to find your sweet spot.  I have so many ladies try on hats and then I come in and adjust and MAGIC!  All of a sudden you look amazing in hats.  Also you are my own little marketing model.  If you look bad I look bad.
  • I really wish hats would come back in style. –  If you want hats to come back in WEAR A HAT!  I can tell you that they are very much coming back in style.  The cha-ching of mine and many other Etsy Milliners are ringing and the runways are full of hats.  The only way it’s really going to gain steam is if you put on a hat yourself and stop wishing.  Growing up I envied the lovely ladies of the past.  Always dressed to the nines with elegance and style.  Why did we lose that?  Why not try and get it back?!

Hat adds mystery, excitement, and almost always makes you the lady of the hour.  It takes you from wearing jeans and a t-shirt to being a fashionista.  I don’t always dress up for my shows. Most times I’m dressed comfy, but people don’t notice because my hat takes the outfit to another level.  There is a confidence high that you get by wearing a hat.  Don’t trust me?  Try it because I guarantee you once one person come up and squeals at how amazing your hat is you’ll never go back.


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