2015 And Still Making Crazy Hats!

So my blog has fallen by the wayside but for a great reason.  I’ve been busy making tons of crazy custom hats on top of my regular crazy!  So many things have happened since my last post along with the grant.  I’ve been featured in a local magazine, a Dubai World Cup magazine, and soooo much more.  I even held the first Hat/Easter Parade in Michigan City this past First Friday!

DSCF2820 DSCF2821 DSCF2833

It was cold but so much fun!  I even got a photo with Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer which I’m sure the Indiana Arts Commission is going to greatly appreciate.  I was able to do more than my planned 15 hats with the new hat blocks and I was able to receive new commissions with the larger styles.

So what am I up to now?  Well I’m working on getting ready for show season and 2 new collections.  One will be inspired by the Little Mermaid and the other Star Wars.  I’ve been doing a lot of great hats but I really want to get back to my quirky craziness that got me where I am today.

I also want to start blogging more and finally get that mailing list up and going.  It was nice though only focusing on my hats and not worrying about blogging.  Really Instagram has become my blog since I post everything I make as I make it.  IMG_2805IMG_2659

For those who follow my blog what would you like to see more of? Behind the scenes, DIY, Millinery tips?  I’m up for any suggestions.  Until then plan for my random blogs and fun pictures of hats -Amanda


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