The Death Of River-Con

I found out through the grapevine that River-Con will not be happening now.  Long story short someone used money they weren’t supposed to.  What upset me was the fact they had known for some time and had not told vendors.  The reason being that they didn’t want to deal with angry emails.  When vendors prep for this show a lot of money and time is spent and if they could have let people know a lot of anger could have been avoided.  In fact I went back and figured I could have saved myself $150 in supplies had they told everyone properly.  I decided to email the vendors myself and some don’t even have facebook.  I dread to think what would have happened if I had not told them.

So now I have all this lovely geekery waiting to be finished……1903005_645230325514205_1509052857_n

There going to have to wait though as I now focus all my attention on Hunt & Gather.  I’m planning to have lots of new things; Mustache veils, flapper headbands, turbans, headchains!  I’m going crazy prepping for this.1900110_642459549124616_971569004_n1011247_644275612276343_1754326915_nI can’t wait to show you more as I get it done.  Till then back to the studio I go!


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