Enjoy The Mad Hatterness

When I started hat making a little over 3 years ago I would have never imagined where I would be today.  In fact I’m a little shocked still every time I sell a hat.  Not that I don’t think my hats are not good enough to sell but I had never imagined I would hit over 100 sales on Etsy only a year after really focusing on the shop.  I still sell at shows, the art gallery, and the random purchases off my own head when I’m out.  I know I do these “OMG look at where I am now vs. where I was” posts once a year…but I can’t help sitting down planning my next year and looking back to where I started.

To top off the amazing year 2013 was for establishing myself as a full out milliner I was contacted by The Carrie Diaries not once..but twice to make hats for the show.  Me…ME the crazy hat obsessed mom of 3 got her hats on a tv show.  Not just a tv show but a show I love! Even more exciting the person that wore my hat is non other than ex-doctor who companion Freema Agyeman!  Seriously I could retire tomorrow and I could end my hatting career and be totally peachy.

1425544_10152029984022803_799235184_n 600612_10152029984857803_1192909748_n

I also had to make the same hat for her stunt double.   A few days after playing 6 degrees of Doctor Who to Chef Bizzaro Millinery I was contacted again to make some hats for extras.  I must admit I totally ran around the house doing a ridiculous dance.  You can’t imagine how hard it has been not to scream it to the world.  After seeing some other hat makers post it on there feeds I decided why not celebrate.  So know you know what I’ve been hiding ::exhale:: I feel so much better!

2014 is already looking to be a jam packed year.  I’ve applied to 2 art shows instead of my usual 1.  I’m showing at my first Comic Con AND judging the cosplay contest.  Then add to that a few booked small shows and a fashion show….I don’t know how 2014 will top 2013 but I’m excited to think of possibilities.  On that note hatty followers I best get back to work.  Thank you for all your support and love for my crazy hats!-Amanda



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