Opportunity Knocks Twice

The past 2 weeks have been a flurry of excitement.  If you follow my instagram you’ve seen hints but I’m waiting to talk about it when it airs.  I have been making hats for one of my favorite tv shows!  It started with one and now I am currently making 6 to send out again.  It’s been a amazing opportunity and a huge moral booster.  Especially when they placed the second order so soon!  I must be doing something right RIGHT!?!?!
Aside from that I’ve been juggling orders, motherhood, photo shoots, and creating new pieces for the shop.
I made this really cool shape out of clay that reminds me of a old chocolate mold we used to have  back in my Pastry Chef days.  I created some amazing wool beret cocktail hats with it.



Aren’t they purty!?


Ive also been making some new cocktail hats for a upcoming hat show and possible the Etsy store.

New Hats

And last part of the blog post I did a amazing photo shoot with my good friend Erin of Erin Watson Photography!  Ill have pictures soon but here is a peek at my new head shot.


Back to work I go!


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