Complete Choas

It has been completely insane in my house.  On top of orders I had to plan my sons school Boo Bash.  The one real event I contribute to as the VP.  Plus teaching and dealing with the kiddos..I am absolutely exhausted.  I managed to get sick so now I sound like a frog.  Probably from all the screaming and hair pulling I’ve been doing.  At the same time though I am completely over the moon.  It’s nice to have so many hats go to new homes and have new job opportunities arise.  I’ve been trying to accommodate late Halloween orders and so far I haven’t had to turn anyone away.  This being said this is the first year I do not have a costume prepped and ready to go…ever…in my life.

At some point I would love to start on new hats and freshen up the shop.  The outlook however is a bit grim since I have 2 shows to prepare for.  I’m hoping I will have time to photograph any hats I manage to get out in between orders for the show and prepping for comic con in South Bend.

It’s crazy to think how far I’ve come since I started.  I know I tend to post my horrible beginner hats every so often (ill spare us that) but honestly I never thought I would be talking to MAJOR people about providing my services.  It’s exciting and scary all at the same time.

Don’t forget we are celebrating hitting 100 sales with a Giveaway on my Facebook Page plus you can find all my upcoming events.  Back to work I go!

Fullscreen capture 10162013 121204 PM.bmp


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