I’m still here!

Holy cow have I been busy! On top of being a mom, a parent teacher group vice pres.,  a after school art teacher, and maid it has been hectic.  My shop is almost at 100 sales (yay) and I have been cranking out hat after hat trying to get these done before Halloween.  On top of that I had two shows to prepare for….::deep breath:: Somehow though I have managed to get order shipped early or in the process of shipping early.

Here is one of my new Hello Wars hats that will be going to Australia soon:DSCF1356 DSCF1357


Oct. 14th is the last day I am planning on taking made to orders and the 24th is the last day I’m planning to ship ready made pieces priority in the US.  I have stocked the store full of fun fast costumes.  Including some fun kitty ears.

Fullscreen capture 1022013 122700 PM.bmp


I keep promising a real post soon.  I swear I will but for now back to hatting…


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