Halloween is coming do you have your hat?

For the first time ever I am prepared for a holiday!  I never get to make many holiday hats or if I do it’s last minute.  Regardless I never sell many holiday pieces.  So with that in mind I knew the few pieces I did make I wanted to be fun.DSCF1227 DSCF1230 DSCF1232 DSCF1233 DSCF1237 DSCF1241 DSCF1242


The fortune teller hat and I have a love hate relationship.  One second I love it and the next I want to mess with it more.  On the board I have a few more things to make for  Halloween but I’m not going to rush.  I’m enjoying my studio being somewhat clean and being able to make things I want to make.  I have two shows coming up which you can find on my facebook page (see the top menu bar) and another hat class set for October 24th.  Well back to the basement I go.  Remember you can always follow my instagram to see what I’m working on.


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