Time To Play Mad Hatter

Now that the show is over I’ve been catching up on my vegetable time.  Literally I’ve just laid around..as vegetables do.  Slowly I’ve been getting things done, like prepping for the next batch of hats and collection.  My studio is halfway to being ready to mess up and my hats are sketched and the prep is on it’s way to being prepped.



A little sneak peek at some of the fabrics:




But even as I prep to play the dread starts to set in that I have no shows between now and Christmas.  Which really I don’t do many shows but with one of the kiddos back in school and no work for a few weeks it gives my mind time to panic.  I’m hoping the 20% off sale (click the photo for link to shop) I have in my Etsy shop will drum up some business.  It ends this Sunday..errr I think…This is a weird post but I promise I’m working on fun things to post about!



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