Time To Bust It Out

Well I’m home after a emergency trip home (funded by derby hat sales thank the hat gods for that).  I won’t go into it because relieved the travel issues gives me a headache and I’m home now.  Before I left I had to finish a custom order of my fruit hat and came home to happy feedback which is a big relief.  I was having nightmares of bits of glittered fruit crushed in the trip. 100_3646

It’s there safely at it’s new home and the owner was happy so ::phew:: I can relax a bit.  Now I have to get back to reality.  Most of my supplies has arrived and I need to finish ordering more.  Plus I’m sure it would help at some point to actually make these hats.  On top of that I have mommy duties, wedding party hat order, teaching, and loosing my mind.  We all know though I thrive on being freaked out and crushed for time.  Speacking of time I should get to it.  Enjoy these teaser pics of my Labyrinth collection supplies.IMG_20130508_175030IMG_20130508_175231IMG_20130508_174642


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