Kickin’ Hat Butt! Lots of hat pics!!

I haven’t posted much lately because between putting on the fashion show, making hats, doing shows, and being a mom I just barely have anytime.  This week I had to say goodbye to a few hats.  It’s crazy how attached I get to them.  Michael makes fun of me because every time I sell a hat I get a bit sad.  It’s great though to be so busy.  These are some hats I mailed out this week :2013-04-041


I’m working on another custom pinup pool girl hat and then I’m done for the week.

In other news the Kickstarter is going at a fantastic rate!  I had my doubts starting it but I’m only $303 dollars away from putting on a amazing Labyrinth inspired line.  I’m the only milliner in Indiana participating and I may just have a panic attack once my kickstarter makes it.  It is such a huge opportunity to participate in a event this size.  Etsy has funded part of it, the Chicago Ballet will be modeling the hats, and Elle Salon is doing the hair.  I  have been helping put it together and it’s going to be huge!  I’m just $303 dollars away from making it.  If I somehow don’t make the goal then I won’t get the money which would be a huge bummer getting so close.  If you haven’t check it out yet please do.  I’ve got sketches of what I plan to make and two videos talking about the line.


Some other things I have been doing this week are revamping my Etsy Store.  Thanks to Windy City Pinup I have amazing photos of my hats.  You can see them on my Facebook Page.



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