Update on my Kickstarter!

So I’m up to $550 since starting my kickstarter.  Today I tried running more specific numbers on cost to see if I could somehow do this myself.  The answer was a big fat NO.  Not including shipping and a bunch of things I can’t think of right now my basic materials + participating in the show is around $900.  Yea…that’s a big chunk o’ change.  Michael figured out I only need 200 people to donate $5 for me to make it.  With 341 fellow likers on my page, 326 FB friends, and 1,239 Twitter friends you would think this would be an easy task…It’s not.  I know I have 33 days left but I’m nail biting.  I want to do Labyrinth hats and I want to do them all  out.  To be what I see in my mind I can’t be cheap and cut corners it will show, and with being the only hat maker in all of Indiana participating as of now I have to represent.  I would think even my peeps back home in Texas would want me to make a big splash.  So now I’m grasping at straws.  Were going to do a local hat raffle to add to the hubs donation of $100.  $5 a ticket and you could win one of my expensive sinamay pieces.  Plus I’m also doing a hat sale on my Etsy Shop.  For $25 you get a mystery hat valued between $50/$75 .  It could be more than one hat too.  More than likely a hat that’s in my shop right now!  So if your reading this..PLEASE Pimp me out because I need your help!

In other hat news I’ve been working on sketches.  While non of them are 100% until my new DVD of Labyrinth arrives it gives you an idea of what I’m trying to do.  I want the collection to be obvious Labyrinth but then again not so obvious. I want to take pieces from the scenery and atmosphere and translate them into hats.  Of course I will try and put as many characters I can into it but still without being literal…well except for the knocker guys.  Those are just going to be knockers.  Right now my biggest dilema is trying to figure out how to make the helping hands into a hat and of course the four guards that promise “Babababum certain death”.  Labyrinth has always been my movie…for a long time it was banned from my tv if anyone was home because of my quoting, dancing, & reenacting.  Then after Netflix took it off…well I just about died.  Lately though my husband has seen me looking at the characters and is now interested.  So maybe I can drag him underground with me.  I just can’t tell you all the reasons why I love this movie or why it speaks to me, or why even after all these years I’m so obsessed with it.  OBSESSED!  But I can tell you that I love it enough for it to take over my life and quote it at least twice a week.  To make a whole line of hats about it..to pay $60 for a photobook from the movie (not really but I have my eye on it).  So I hope you’ll share the love with me.  Even if Labyrinth with David Bowies almighty package doesn’t peek your interest…maybe just maybe you’ll connect it with your favorite movie and spare me $5 ::here:: 


Love you all and Happy Hatting!  Enjoy some of the preliminary sketches below:

Sketch16615132 Sketch166142545 Sketch236194357


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