Of Photo Shoots & Kickstarters For Insane Labyrinth Hats

What started off as a chance to hang out at my friends shop to play dress up quickly turned into a full blown shoot with just a Facebook post.  My friend Ashlee is the owner of Windy Cit Pin-Up and she offered us her studio for the day! Quickly we all cleared our schedule, packed, freaked out, and got ready for a day of fun.

You can see more photos :here:


Not only did Ashlee give us her time all day she had Baby Nova strapped to her chest and even breast feed while taking amazing shots!  My friend Lilly modeled and Julia (who owns The Closet By Franklin Vintage) Provided all the amazing vintage clothing.  It was an amazing day and after we went out and piddled around Chicago.  I can’t thank my lady loves enough for such an amazing day!

To top the day off I came home and my Kickstarer was approved!  While I know not everyone agrees with Kickstarter (which I hope they keep to themselves) it works for me.  There are no grants available in my area for art right now and it’s for a major event.  I can only get supplies if I sell hats and I would have to sell a lot of hats to participate in ::drum roll:: THE MILLINERS OF ETSY FASHION SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily it’s a hop skip and a jump away from home but I still have to pay to participate and for supplies.  I’m only trying to raise $1,500 to create amazing Labyrinth inspired headpieces.  Most will be crazy but I’ve been trying to sketch my designs to have a good blend of avant garde and wearable.

Fullscreen capture 3152013 22338 PM.bmp

So far I’ve already raised $75! That’s crazy because I only just started it.  I know people get weird about these things but this is a opportunity for me to represent NWI as a milliner and artist.  If anything please watch the goofy video and share with your friends.

Well my lovelies I have to prep for a show this weekend and a fashion show on friday.  Make sure to follow on Facebook to keep up with all my events. Happy Hatting!




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