I’m kind of a big deal (in my mind)

So awhile back I saw Bake and Destroy was having her annual giveaway and was looking for people to donate things.  I have been a huge fan of Natalie for..well I can’t remember for how long but it’s been a long time.  Probably when I used to be a food blogger which was forever ago…so yea huge fan for awhile.  Anyways, so I offered to give away one of my cupcake hats..this one to be exact:


Well not only was it in the giveaway but she wanted one for herself…..for her cookbook.  This is about the time when I starting hyper ventilating in excitement. For those of you who know me well…I’m one of those gals who freaks out in joy easily.  Every sale I make I always do some sort of jig and run around the house squealing.  What can I say?  I’ve been a housewife for a very long time and things that aren’t an achievement of not getting poop on myself while changing a diaper are big deals.  Especially since I never thought I would be so busy with hats..but we won’t go there because I always go there 😉

Natalie Slater of Bake And Destroy! Photo take by Sean Dorgan

Natalie Slater of Bake And Destroy! Photo take by Sean Dorgan

So here is a snap shot in all it’s cupcake glory.  Not only did she order one to wear for the photo shoot for her book it was taken at Threadless HQ by Sean Dorgan…you know the official photographer for Threadless…no big deal.


So what’s the count now?

Hat in a magazine – Check

Hat in a book – Check

Hats on Drag Queens – Check Check Check

Hat at an Emmy’s after party on a real actress – Check

Hat at the Grammy’s – Check

Hat at the Westminster Dog Show – Double Check

Hat bought by a studio – Check

Hats sold around the world – Check Check Check Check

My hubs actually sat me down and told me how proud of me he was ::insert aww here::  He didn’t think it would be this big of a deal for me.  In fact pretty much all my family is surprised.  Heck I’m surprised, but grateful, elated, shocked, and all the above!  I’m going to keep pushing and creating.  Even though sometimes I get in a funk and wonder what I’m doing….I’m just going to keep filling my addiction to making freaky awesome hats!

















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