It’s for the dogs

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  While I’ve been trying to figure out spring hats it’s been happily busy here at the studio.  This year is looking to be an exciting year especially with my KiKi magazine interview coming out in the April/May issue.  I have a 2 fashion shows coming up, one being the milliners of etsy show, and of course applying for the Lakefront Arts show.  Plus I’ve been happily busy with custom orders both local and around the U.S!

It’s crazy because I never thought I would EVER be this busy…and it’s so exciting!!!!!  Currently I am working on two hats for the Westminster Dog Show.  The ladies asked for hats that look like there dogs and I’m hoping they create lots of buzz with these cute things.  The Matiff has already gotten approval, because before I sew I make sure the client likes what I’ve created.  Next up is a Vizsla.

In fact here are the finished pieces:


100_3362 100_3364 100_3365

Currently I’m working on a weiner dog for one of my friends…because for 2 years I’ve said I would send her something and I haven’t.  Sorry Corrin!

This weekend I put my order in for sinamay and start on my spring/summer pieces.  Not as funky but still as fun.  Plus I get to use some of the ceramic hat blocks my husband made for me.

Well until next time!  Right now I’m off to help the  hubs make some chocolate for his new chocolate company.  Happy Hatting! P.S My Shop has a coupon code for 13% off but if you follow me on twitter you may find a coupon for a better deal 😉


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