Bazaar Dec. 15th!

I’ve been busy away sewing bows for Miss Nova and have raised $165 thanks to all of you purchasing these small pretties.  Being so busy with bows I haven’t really had the time to make my own hats (plus I’m in a hat funk).  Did I mention I sound like wheezy from toy story…Yup I do.  Of course right before a big show I’m sick with no voice and not much energy.

I have enough hats for the show…Just not enough new pieces to please myself.  Luckily I blocked all these babies weeks ago and juts have to wire and finish.


I did manage to get a few done for my trunk show at the Lubeznik Center.


Hopefully in the mix of being in charge of the event, being a vendor, and doing things for my sons school xmas party I can get some work done.  Hope to see you at the event Dec. 15th!    Also I plan to have gift cards at this event.  OH and last day for shipping on my etsy store is Dec. 20th!


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