Little Miss Nova #TTTS #Fundraiser #preemie #survivor

You can have all sorts of friends in this modern world…Some you never get to meet face to face everyday.  Almost 6 years ago I met Ashlee on a site for moms, and though we only get together a handful of times, she’s one of my best friends in the world.  She is the most amazing woman I know!  Aside from being an awesome mom+friend she started up Windy City Pinup.  A amazing pinup girl photography company that I had the pleasure of trying.

This August Ashlee asked me to make her wedding cupcakes and to add even more joy to the day she told me that she was having twins.  How amazing to find out on your wedding day that your having twins…twin girls!

Shortly after though things got a little rough.  Ashlee found out that her girls had twin to twin syndrome  and shortly after went to have surgery to save both her daughters.  After a successful operation Aurora Eisley passed away and all our hearts broke.  No mother should ever have to loose her daughter so early, and it hurts me that Ashlee and her husband had to go through that.

Then Nova came 15 weeks too soon on 10.17.12 weighing 1lb 13 oz.  Aside from being born early Nova has bi-lateral grade 3/4 IVH and profound hydrocephalus.  You would never know the trials this amazing baby has faced by looking at her.  She’s one of the most amazing, beautiful, feisty little girls I have seen.

When I see her pictures I can see her running around Ashlee’s studio with her tiny toes in her mamma’s heels stomping around.  I see her and her brother  Xavier making goofy faces for instagram pictures and giving there dog Tonka a run for his money.  Because Nova is so strong and loved I know this is just a little bump in an amazing road ahead of her.

Ashlee & Jeremy have recently started a fundraiser page Saving Super Nova where you can keep up to date with everything

going on.  We all know things like this always need a little help.  So I’m asking all my friends, readers, everyone to show Nova some love.  Even if it’s just liking her page or donating a few dollars.  Even the everyday “thinking of you” can make a big difference.  Already Miss Nova has over 1,111 likes on her page and last I checked $2.2K has been raised so far.  This is only in a barely 48 hour period.

I’ve also started a fundraiser for Nova called Bows for Nova.  100% of the profit made from the bows will go to Nova.

I’m also donating a portion of my sales at the Holiday Bazaar and my Etsy store this month to her.  A few friends of mine will also be raising money for her so make sure to keep an eye out for more details.

So if your reading this please share the word about Miss Nova.  Send her your love and thoughts…hug your kiddos and know she’s going to kick this in the butt.

Her surgery is scheduled for this Friday and were all going to be sitting here with pom poms cheering her on.  Air hug Ashlee, Jeremy, and Xavier.  Do a good luck dance because were going to help Nova and her family get through this!

UPDATE:  Nova’s surgery got bumped up to today!

UPDATE UPDATE:  Nova is out of surgery!  They took 14cc’s of fluid out from her head and she is now resting.  Now we wait and keep giving her love!


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