Reveal Of My ModCloth Hat Challenge Outfit

So here’s the big reveal!  If you saw my ModCloth Challenge post you saw that I made a new hat block, hat, and wig for my ModCloth dress.

This is the hat shape I created just for the dress.  I happened to have the exact match in yellow wool in my supply pile.

Once I blocked steamed and stiffened the hat I let it dry and took it off the block.  Use small stitches on the bottom I sewed in wire to help keeps its shape and got to work on trimmings.

I’m still finding feather fluff all around my work space.  It takes a lot of patience but I cut all the diamond shapes into my feathers.  Then for a little danger I put some colored porcupine quills on.  So not only is a great hat it’s also a weapon.  Somehow though I managed not to poke my husband all night.  You can also see the cool hairpiece I made out of a ponytail extension.

For makeup I used yellows and peacock blue green.  I even got some Katy Perry eyelashes in the “Oh Honey” style.  Instead of a straight black line of lashes it’s on a clear strip with little dots of lash that give them a amazing realistic look.  Most eyelashes I’ve used end up looking real fake but you couldn’t even tell!

So there’s the whole look!  I felt amazing and the dress fit amazing.  I can’t wait to get another dress and make another hat for it.  Or maybe next time I’ll do shoes!  Feel free to send me your favorite ModCloth dress and challenge me to make a hat for it.  Really please let me know!  I’m having the hardest time picking out which dress to do next.

*Sorry for the lack of quality of this blog post.  I have the worst sinus headache ever and the meds are making me all wompy *


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