The ModCloth Hat Challenge

So the hubs birthday is this weekend and were going out of town.  Of course this means a new dress, which means new hair, which means new shoes, and of course a hat.

First the dress:

As soon as I saw this dress I knew I had to have it and once I got hubs approval (not that it mattered) I bought it.  I was a little worried about the sizing but after looking at the size chart and seeing reviews on how it fit I got a size “?”.  It fit perfect!  The only problem was the hat I was planning on wearing with it sold.  Not that I wasn’t going to make at least 3 hats for other options but still…It was sad to see it go.

I knew I wanted something different and with my line of clay hat blocks in the works (more about that soon) I decided to make a new style of hat just for this dress.

And of course it had to be a yellow hat.  Once I steamed, stiffened, and let it dry I popped it off the block and got to work.  I’ve had these porcupine quills I bought recently lying around so I made a nice little feather piece with them.  Also I put blue and green stripped coque feathers that I cut into diamond shapes and some black curled feather quills.


Now for the hair.  I’ve been obsessing over the fashion in RuPaul’s Drag Race.  The hair, the hats, THE ORGANZA!!! It’s just gives me way too many ideas.  So I took my Arda Wig ponytail clip and turned it into a pompadour curled bang.  

You can see RuPaul in the background with the style I’ve been drooling over for some time.  Sadly my hair has turned reddish brown so I need to dye my hair to match but that will take all but 30 minutes.  Once I get my hair properly teased and pinned (that sounds dirty) I know it’s going to look AMAAAAAAZIIING!

This will all be worn to the Sofa Expo ( no not a furniture show) and with hair, the lashes, the hat, and the wig I’m sure I will be to get peoples attention.  The last time I went to Chicago I ran out of business cards just strutting up the mile in my hat so I’m anxious to see how this turns out.  Pictures as soon as I get back!


Also I plan to do more of these ModCloth Make A Hat For A Dress Challenges!!


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