Hat High Tea And Breaking My Hat Funk

Last Friday Kim & I went to the Peninsula Hotel for the Chicago Millinery Arts Alliance fall high tea.  This was my second time going and Kim’s first tea.  I absolutely love the atmosphere at the Peninsula.  The service is always amazing and the food…there’s no words for how amazing it is.  Add to that the fact were surrounded by ladies in hats and fellow milliners and you’ve got a very happy Amanda.

A very tasty tower of sandwiches, quiche, and sweets come with our tea.


Kim’s amazing hat that she made herself for the occasion.

One of me enjoying my champagne and sandwiches.

We had people stopping by our table to tell us we had the best hats at the tea!  I handed out tons of business cards and it was just amazing.  From now on I’m wearing my big hats to Chicago because the reaction just from walking up and down the mile was wonderful.  Nothing is more fun then being stopped by people to talk about hats!  We can’t wait for the next tea..although Kim and I might have to plan one even if it’s not a hat high tea.

Well off to work on hats!


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