Mamma’s Got A Brand New Hood

I finally feel back to normal after the art festival craziness.  A big portion of the money went to buying supplies.  I managed to get two vintage balsa blocks for cheap and a nice button block from Germany.   Plus I spent a big chunk of change of goodies from The Trimming Company.  I decided it’s time to start considering playing with hoods so I purchased a few to play with to see if it’s something I really want to do.  My husband even got me a new steamer which ended up being a huge help to the process.


Using my small fascinator blocks I decided I wanted to make a fedora bowler type hat.  I believe me and Intern Kim came up with a fabowler as this new style.  She got to play with my new balsa block and was steaming through the process as I was sitting there trying to get the hood to do what I wanted.  Her hat turned out amazing!  I wish I had another side picture because she had some really nice pleating on the side.


So back to my hat.  I pulled my hood too far out instead of straight down so I had to play around with creating the brim.  This made me realize how much more I like to construct piece rather then just doing it all in one piece.  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it’s just the fact I don’t like to make “normal” hats.  So I came up with this:



After putting it on this morning I realized I like it much more than I did last night.  Sometimes you really just need to walk away for a while to see things differently.  It’s like a bowler, a top hat, and a fedora had a crazy night in Vegas and ended up pregnant.  I dig it.  It’s not something you would expect, yet it still has a vintage glamour to it.



It even reminds me of a Victorian riding hat.  It stiffened great overnight.  I just need to sew a few more things into  place and finish the little details.


On a side note I have everything uploaded to my Etsy shop finally!  Please take a look at all the things I spent tons and tons and tons and tons of time uploading.


Happy Hatting Everyone!



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