Lakefront Art Festival a.k.a the week I freak out



So the Lakefront Art Festival is slowly creeping upon me.  I was slacking something fierce and not really doing anything.  Luckily I’m now back on track thanks to Kim, my intern, and slowly getting things together.  I’ve done some not so crazy hats and my normal glittered bug hats.  I’ll have things from $20 on up so everyone can find the right hat. I even got cute little bakery boxes to use for hat boxes if they purchase hats over $50, or they can buy one for $5.  I used Moo to make labels for all my bags, boxes, and labels.  I put cute hat quotes and some hat pictures and they look fabulous!

Sorry for this being a short post but I hope if your in the area you pop by the festival.  It’s 2 days rain or shine and trust me you won’t be able to miss my booth…or me.


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