New hat blocks and a bum knee

This week has been particularly poop.  Monday my husband did not put the ice away and left it melting on the cabinet.  Cue me walking oblivious to that and flying legs back behind me and landing on my left knee….Some how I managed to crawl to the couch call my hubs and inlaws and lay there trying to keep the kids calm.  Luckily they think I just tore something and I just have to heal….which is not great for me.  The hubs has been scolding me constantly because I will not sit still and then my knee flares up and I’m in pain.  It’s not like I can anyways we do have 3 kids at home.  So for another week at least I’ll be using crutches and a brace 😦  There is some good news in this.  The day we left for vacation my new hat blocks arrived that I bought with my big hat check from the Lubeznik Center.  It took a month but here they are fresh from the hat block maker.

Nothing is better than the smell of fresh carved hat blocks in your home!  Of course I had to skimp on supplies because this hobby only funds itself but I managed.  After a few more hat sales I was able to order some felt, buckram, and feather goodies/sinamay from the Trimming Company.  So as of right now I’m back to right at the line..not in the red and not in the black.

So now starts the prep for my hat class in July and the big Lakefront Arts Festival.  I went ahead and got some fall colors but I’m freaking out at the lack of neon in my hats so far.  Here’s a few I started working on.


These are no where near done but it give you an idea.  I have no idea how I’m going to make enough hats for a 2 day art festival!!!!!!  Everyone keeps telling me to plan for 10% which is still 300 sales!  So off to work I go while I ice my knee.  At least most of this can be done with me on my butt.  Till next time!


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