I’m officially a “As seen on the runway..” Girl!

So I briefly mentioned in my Austin trip post about my fruit hat selling and appearing on  a New York runway.  Well this week was the week.  Anslee Connell, the creator of SavannahRed took a few of my hats to Full Figured Fashion Week in New York where she was one of the featured designers hitting the catwalk.  I’m so just tickled pink that she chose my hats to take with her.  I really really really hope we can work more together in the future because this gals fashion sense is right up my ally.  In fact I need to hit her up for a few dresses I’m dying to have.  This is Anslee wearing my fruit hat on the runway!

Photo Courtesy of Melissa Shea http://www.fashionmingle.net/

I’m dying with just pure joy for her success and how awesome she is looking in the fruit hat!  The Grammy’s and now a New York Runway! How insane is this hat journey of mine.

Just so you know I only have 4 days left on my kickstarter project. I’m only at $210 of my $2,500 goal to buy more hat blocks and continue this journey…but who knows maybe I won’t even need it with things like this happening!  I’ll post more as I get pictures and chat with Anslee!


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