Help Chef Bizzaro’s Kickstarter Project – Hat Giveaway

So if you follow me on twitter or facebook you’ve seen me spamming about my kickstarter project.  I’ve mentioned it a few times here but I haven’t really gotten into it.

Being a hatter can get costly.  Hat blocks, wooden forms we create hats on, are not cheap.  Most of my blocks I hand carve myself and because I have already used them so much there dying or dead.

What I really need is a good basic balsa block, some button rounds, a saucer, top hat, and cloche blocks.  Plus I’m going to need some supplies to bring all those hat ideas to life.  With these I can create a whole new line of amazing hats and not have to worry how long I’ll have the blocks around before they break.

So that’s why I started my kickstarter.  To raise funds to buy hat blocks and some supplies to expand Chef Bizzaro Millinery to something even more insane then what it is now.  Most of my funds now just go into buying more supplies and barely covering my costs.  I did manage though to save enough to buy a few small cocktail blocks that I can’t wait to get!

The support from my small little city has been amazing and I can’t thank them enough.  Who knew there were so many hat wearing folks in these parts!!  I’m slowly getting close to my goal of $2,500.  So far were up to $180 which is far more than I expected.  There are some awesome gifts if you help fund the project aside from my undying love.  I know that it’s probably not going to get funded but I thought I might as well try right?  I mean crazier things have been funded on kickstarter 😉

Now for the hat raffle!  All you have to do is like my Chef Bizzaro Millinery page and share this event on facebook with the post:

“Help Chef Bizzaro Go Crazy!  Every dollar makes a difference and you can win a hat!

Share on your wall and leave a message in the event that you posted this to be entered!”

For extra entries you can do the following and leave a comment for each letting me know you completed them.

  1. Share this post on twitter and provide the tweet link.
  2. Like this post
  3. Tweet the following:  “New Blog and Hat Raffle from @chef_bizzaro ! I mean come on…who doesn’t want to win a awesome hats Pls RT”
  4. Follow @chef_bizzaro on twitter and provide the name your following with.
  5. Follow Chef Bizzaro Millinery on Facebook

The last day of my kickstarter project is June 21st and that night I’ll use to pick a winner.  Can we make the goal?!  Thanks in advance for the help and sticking around my crazy hat blog!


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