Chef Bizzaro Goes to Austin

So for the first time ever I left my family to go to Austin to visit my mom and do my first trunk show.  It was hard being away from my kiddos but some how I got through with the help of skype.  After some freaking out about my kids I quickly started freaking out about my hats.  They arrived the same day I did with some minor mishaps that I was luckily able to steam and sew back to normal.  My friend Jen went above and beyond putting together the trunk show for me.  Cupcakes, champagne, and even a cool setup.  I couldn’t have been happier…well unless I sold everything 😉  I got to see lots of old friends and even made some new.  My fruit hat was sold (AN OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE IT SOLD MOMENT) and is off to be a final look in a fashion show!!!  All in all it was great and I was able to at least recoup my cost.  In a dream world I would have sold everything and could have canceled my kickstarter project of which I have raised $90 and still have 15 days to raise the funds 😦

Here’s my table at the trunk show. Isn’t it  purty!  I even had some hats around the store.  My last few days were spent getting my hat tattoo…

My friend Daniel from Tattoo 23 did this purty tattoo for me.  We’ve been friends for 5 years and he was the one that did my skull tattoo as well.  He took a sketch from me and drew the tentacles on my arm before starting.  He always get’s what I want without me having to say it and I can’t wait to see him again.  I can’t believe I sat through the session without flinching.  My arm is still a little swollen and I have to say I feel like a gansta since I sat so long and let him go at my arm.

Then of  course I had to have my mom cut my hair and redo some awesome color.

So here I am back home and it’s crazy.  We had tball today and it’s the last few days of school.  I’m the VP of the parent teacher group and I have to make gifts for the moms for a lunch tomorrow AND make cakes for the 5th grade graduation.  So forgive me if this blog post is all over the place.  Please feel free to ask me question about my trip that I didn’t cover 🙂  I’ll post the hats on etsy as soon as they arrive back home.

Until then I ask you spam your friends about my kickstarter project!


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