Glitter Bombing Hats

My hat vacation is officially over.  I was hoping to wait till after my birthday this weekend to get started but I’m happy to be working again.  Between refilling the Lubeznik Gallery Shop and Mother’s Day orders AND stocking for the Lakefront Art Festival I’ve got my hands full….Plus add to that Parent Teacher Group meetings, Tball, volunteering at Lubeznik, and teaching my schedule is filling up super fast.  I love it though and I love to complain about it 😉  It’s nice to have things to do instead of sitting around at home all the time.

This week at the Lubeznik Center, aside from First Friday, there having a “Garden Pop Up Shop”.  So I’ve been busy making floral pieces to have for sale.  Also there having Rocky Horror Picture Show perform on Friday so I figured I’d toss in a ridiculous amount of glitter to fit right in.

Left is a mini wool fascinator with swarovski’s and peacock fringe.  Right is a sinamay abstract saucer with vines and flower covered in glitter.

I never thought these floral pieces would do so well in the shop but I’m always making more.  Lots of moss, birds, and butterflies.  New is the glittered reptiles which I’m sure are going to be a big hit.  The bottom right with the big butterfly is a heart shaped pillbox covered in moss with floating butterflies and swarovski’s.

Top left is my hat for Friday.  It’s a tall round mini pillbox covered in glitter.  I’m going to pair it with my cat eye glasses veil!  Next to it is a wool small pillbox with confetti glitter hibiscuses and a frog.  On the bottom I have a round cocktail hat covered in glitter w/big glitter hibiscus and vines.  Next to it the last of the green sinamay 😦  I made a round pillbox out of it and put on the flower and my first attempt at cut and curled feathers.

Right now I’m waiting on the postman to drop off some transparent wings.  You see them on fairy dolls.  I believe they call them “ooak wings” .  I’m going to try them out and see how they look compared to the feather butterflies I have been using.  I also have all these hats waiting to be finished…

Here’s some more glittered accessories for the hats.  I really love the wired flowers I made a few nights ago in a 2 a.m creative high.

I promise I’m not going to start putting random glittered toys on every piece…but some of them.  I’m addicted to glittering things so we’ll have to see where it goes.  Until next post I’m off!


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