Let’s talk about wigs and not hats for once

So awhile back…I think around Christmas I found Arda Wigs.  They have wigs and all shapes and styles.  Did I mention their ridiculously reasonable?  There ridiculously reasonable!!!  I finally put some money away and didn’t buy hat supplies for once and bought a short bang clip and a one curl ponytail.  The clips I wore to my hat class on Saturday and my friends and students though I really had bleached my bangs.  I was a little worried about the pony tail looking real but once I broke up the curls a bit and smoothed/pinned my hair down it looked amazing.   Please ignore the horrible lighting I had to dye my hair

back to black and by the time I was ready it was dark outside.


Me with my normal short hair-


Me with pony tail-

The whole shebang!
As soon as I get some more hat money I plan to keep at least half for more wigs!  Especially with all the crazy going on with my hair growing out this helps from having the same old pinned up plain look.  I also want to get a longer one once I figure out my steampunk outfit.
So at least take a gander at Arda Wigs because their so worth it.  Just make sure you don’t buy right after a huge sale (like me) because they do get tons of orders which can back them up.  It wasn’t too bad though I think my delivery was just pushed a week and a half.  There really good at getting there orders out fast.
Till my spring collection debut or complaining I’m off to play with my wigs.


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