Busy Busy Week

I’ve been super busy being busy.  Between doing hats for the fashion show, being on a events committee, and now an added job of the VP of the PTA at my son’s school it’s been cray cray.   One way to deal with it is reorganizing and cleaning.  It calms me….you may think I’m crazy but it really does.  Since the basement has been taken over by pottery stuff I brought my studio upstairs to the dining room.

I used an old dresser for the desk/storage of my hat supplies and got my small cubby display for holding things.

This is my little sewing nook with my felt colors and of course my big piece of inspiration a postcard from my milliner momma Joy Scott.

This is one of my figure 8 bow hats for the fashion show.


Then today I taught a hat class which went way better than expected.  I only had 4 students 2 were staff members of Lubeznik Center but we all had a great time.  The hats turned out great and everyone had a blast.

I think I brought way to much stuff though lol.


Hope to post soon with photos of spring collection!


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