It’s PAAANK! A preview of the spring collection

I have a fashion show coming up and I’ve been busy planning my spring collection.  Finally today I got the last of my fabric and buckram so let the hatting begin!  As you know I don’t do things in halfs and my hats are usually crazy…..Well this time the hats aren’t crazy it’s the colors.  I hope I don’t scare anyone with the borderline obscene bright palette but I LOVE IT!

Right now I have a mix of wool felt and fabric and I’m sure I’ll add more to it if I have time.  I’ve been eyeing some lemonade and purple picnic prints but first with these.


I’m planning lots of bows, pleats, halos, and crazy veils.  This is a prototype of what some of the collection will look like.

It still needs to be pressed and stiffened but you get the idea.


Of course I’ll also have mini berets and pillbox’s.  Especially with this beautiful fabric.

And because I can I’m also doing this……….complete with a darth vader mustache veil and storm trooper ones.

Give me your opinions! Too bright? Too crazy? Not crazy enough?

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