From the desk of the wannabe Milliner

I’ve finally gotten over this bug that sent my son to the E.R and has turned my husband into Darth Vader.  Now I’m stuck looking at my desk trying to figure out where exactly I left off in my plans.  Of course while I’m doing that I get new ideas like circus freak hats, flight attendant hats, hats with facial hair and I have no idea where to start.  These are a few things I’ve been working on so far:


Feather Nest

This is actually two pieces a cocktail hat with a detachable veil…which has a mustache on it.

And then this big showgirl piece…needs more bling I think or vines.

In other new my Candy Heart Hats are all the buzz online 🙂 I keep finding website that mention how perfect they are for Valentine’s Day.  Personally I think you could wear them any day but that’s just me.   Okay I better get to work…off to order real dead bugs.


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