I never smile in my hat pictures

This week has been crazy.  My Husband and Daughter have been sick.  Which has left me up late with a baby and a sicky hubs.  While I’m happy to cater to them it put a damper on my hatting plans for the week.  When the baby was napping I managed to block some hats and get started then work on them in the evening when everyone is asleep.  I’m totally addicted to the new button hat block I carved myself.  It was totally worth inhaling all that dust and being itchy for 2 days!

As I posted pics of my progress it was brought to my attention I never smile in my pictures.  It’s not intentional, it’s just when I get into the hat mode I get very serious….and very OCD.  Michael doesn’t understand my need to have perfectly smooth hats.  Granted you can only get the bottom so smooth without a steamer.   I’m now using a wool felt blend for my hats which give me more variety of color and a smoother softer finish.  Right now I have a collection of Merino wool jewel tones I’m playing with before ordering some awesome bright and fun spring colors and bugs….Yes I said bugs!
In other news this week I start selling at a new store!  So now you can find my hats on Etsy, Lubeznik Center For the Arts, and Goose Feather’s !

Back to work I go.


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