Death Star Beret! Rise of the Star Wars Hats

A long long time ago when I was just getting into hats you may remember I went on a crazy Star Wars hat spree.  Last week I got a custom order to do a Death Star Beret which got me looking back at the beginning before the Galactic Hat Republic came to be.  Remember these?

How far I’ve come since then.  Any who of course after hearing of this awesome custom hat idea I immediately started thinking of a whole line of STAR WARS BERETS!  How exciting 🙂  First though I have to finish this order which is halfway done.  That hat block Mrs. Joy Scott gave me is really giving me a wonderful array of cool hats.

After blocking I didn’t like the way the felt looked with the beading so I ripped it all off and found some black silk scrap I had lying around and covered the hat frame with it.  The beading is little silver seed beads, long silver beads, and the random black bead.  I found this really difficult silver thread for the details so it’s got a all over smooth shiney look to the hat.  I just have to work on the bottom half, put a linning, and do a ribbon around the bottom edge…not to much to do at all.

I can’t promise I’ll have these up fast but if you really really want one the best idea would be to custom order one for me because then I’m forced to make it 😉

Leave me comments let me know what you think of this hat!!!!!

Update 1/18/2012

Finished Hat!!!!!!!


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