Front Page News!

So things are finally slowing down…Not really but I would like to pretend they are.  I’m done with shows for the month until January 6th when I’ll be having a “show” at Threadbenders here in Michigan City for First Friday.

I’m doing a series of food related hats plus I’ll have all my new couture hats there as well.  I could really use a mini break but I can’t say I’m not loving being busy.  If only I wasn’t getting sick 😦  Tomorrow is Arty’s first school production and I had to bust out little mouse hats for him and some extra in case some of his friends didn’t have any.  Plus I’m doing a baking project with his class PLUS it’s the parent pancake breakfast.  After that there’s lots of work to be done for the January show and getting ready for my internship with Joy Scott and volunteering at the Lubeznik Center…..So much for going into hibernation this winter.  I’m hoping to get my new hats up this week so I can still ship out for Christmas or at least New Years but we’ll just have to wait and see.


Ohh yea and this happened….I made front page news in The News Dispatch!


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