Growing into a Hatter

Since my last post I have been working like a mad woman.  Between stocking up for two shows, IN THE SAME WEEKEND, I also have been very active in the art community here.  I was getting to a point where I was doubting myself and my skills and just falling into one of those “why am I doing this?” funks.  Somehow the powers above knew what was going on and sent me an obscene get over it/hellooo what the hell are you thinking? slaps in the face.  I started selling hats at the Lubeznik Art Center and half sold, so I had to stay up late to make more.  They ended up also liking my new works I was doing for the 2 shows coming up and took those as well for their store.  I met two lovely ladies at the Laporte County Visitors Bureau that also bought my hats…and also have tons of things they want me to do.  I’m talking store space, fashion shows, high tea…I was shaking so bad as they were trying on my hats trying not to cry for joy of knowing this is what I’m supposed to be doing.  Also I wanted to cry because I am so in the weeds now and I’m working like crazy to block hats, wire, sew and get as many done for the 2 shows….my blisters have blisters it’s crazy.  It’s too the point I had to shut down my etsy store…crazy.  Plus in other news a local photographer loves my hats and wants to do a catalog for me….a frickin’ catalog.  Oh! I’m also having my own showing at First Friday in January…My own first official hat show!

The hardest is hearing how great my work is, as silly as that sounds.  It was hard to hear it from Joy, and it’s hard to hear it from other people..I don’t know why really.  I know I’m good and I love what I do but I never really realized how good I am.  I’m excited that I finally pursued my love of hats and I’m scared and excited to see where it goes.  I’m grateful for all the people who have told me how great my work is..especially from Joy Scott.  It means so much to hear a milliner of her quality that your work is actually worth something more than $20.


This is what I’ve gotten done so far………


This is the mess of my station….


These are hats that are one someones head..Who would have though hats..and me?  Thank you to everyone who has shown me so much love and support…I couldn’t keep doing this without you and you all mean so much to me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


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