Hat Blocked

So I finally got to go to my millinery class with the fabulous Joy Scott.  Needless to say I was scared shitless and I was unnaturally quiet and timid but I learned so much.  I made my own hat block and even got a wooden one from her by means of a trade.  Not to mention the fact that I was asked to be an intern next year. ::insert me screaming/crying/and running around like a mad woman:: She even took some of my hats to see if they were worthy to be in a gallery.  Also I found out I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay under charging, which I figured.  I’m sure my eyes were saucer sized when she told me I should add a hundred to my prices.  So I figure I’m going to have half couture hats and half reasonable hats just so everyone is covered.

Joy was such a great teacher and she sent me home with lots of homework and goodies.  If anyone is serious about millinery you HAVE to take one of Joy’s classes because you learn so much and she’s just a wonderful person to work with.

I’m hoping with all my new skill I’ll have my Etsy stores updated for Small Business Saturday.  If not I will definitely have a bunch up for Christmas shopping.  If anyone wants specific colors though let me know because I only pick what I like. For right now I’m going to focus on these round pillbox hats or berets if you will and maybe some funky surprises.  Keep a look out!


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