Freaking out on hats

SO I have just a few more day to raise $150 to go to hat class before winter kicks in and I’ve made $10 on a scratch off and $20 from that’s just a lot more dollars to go.  Tomorrow I go to a store that has purchased my stuff before to see if she wants to buy any hats and IM FREAKING OUT!  I’m hoping she buys something anything because I really want to go to that class.  If I could wait a bit longer to pay her I could raise the money at my next 2 Art Fairs but sadly she wants the mullah sooner than later.

I’ve been so stressed and kinda sad about it that I haven’t really been inspired to make any hats.  I even got my uber hat making handbook and I’m still all blech about hats.  Today I really pushed myself to try out this royal blue fabric my hubs bought me and I made some okay hats.


Please forgive the lack of makeup and enthusiasm in these pics.


These hats are actually wired cocktail hats so you can bend them to fit the shape of your head and it keeps the circular shape better.  It’s more work but overall I like the look.  I used a bowl to make the hat frame and one of those round circle ball cake pans.

I better get back to work….sooo not motivated 😦

If you would like to help the cause and send me to hat school you can find the link HERE.  Also if you donate your entered to win a hat made with my awesome new skills 🙂





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