Hat Pics! or at least what I have left…

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So every time we do a show I eventually have to pull out all the hats I have left.  Figure out what sold best, and then make lots and lots more.  Millions of ideas are running through my head but I’m waiting to see when I can get into Joy Scott’s hat classes before I do anymore.  Today I debated even putting some of these on etsy but shortly into taking pics my camera died.

So what do you guys think of them?  Pretty nifty huh?  One that I’m in love with is this art deco rhinestone covered beauty that sadly did not get pictured today 😦

Well now to do inventory and pack them back up.  OH and thank you to the two people who donated so far to my Hat School FUnd and if anyone else donates don’t forget your entered to win a new hat with my savvy skills!


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