Can I go to hat school?

Growing up I was raised by my wonderful (sometimes crazy religious) grandma.  I wouldn’t be the classy lady I am today without her.  Everyday we would wake up and she would make me oatmeal with lots of milk and then watch musicals all day.  Ever since I have been mesmerized by the beauty and fashion women had.  When we would go to the department store I would always beg her to go to the hat section where we would spend and hour trying on hats.  Even today when we go to the store we still try on hats, though they don’t have the same pizzazz they used to.  I was never a girly girl but to this day I dream of beautiful dresses with the perfect hat on top..and if I’m lucky a musical number or two.

Now that I’m home all the time as a mom I have been able to try and do things I’ve always wanted to do but never could.  Hat making is one of them.   By now I think you all have seen my creations and I’ve come a long way in a year.  Everything I have learned I have either taught myself or tried to find as much help as I could through books/online.  I can’t really explain what it is about hat making but I get this joy from it that leads into late nights playing with new ideas.  I spend countless hours online looking for inspiration, admiring milliners, and looking for classes.

Most classes are very expensive and are too far for me to justify them, but I can only learn so much on my own.  So many different things go into making hats…buckram frames, wire, hat blocks, steam to name a few and when your teaching yourself it can be overwhelming and frustrating.  So I’ve been trying really hard to find someone to teach me the trade, or at least the general idea.  My problem aside from distance has been the classes offered aren’t really what I’m looking for.  Both instructor and class wise I have had the worst luck finding something that fits me.

Out of all the milliners in Chicago only one so far has had the style that fits me.  Her name is Joy Scott and her hats are fun and fabulous!  This one is my favorite:

Photo taken by Seth Kammueller / Picture off of Joy Scott's Blog

And of all the luck she has classes!  I’m trying to figure out a way to go to her Monday classes where you can learn anything you want. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The only problem is well..finding the cash.  The open classes run $50 & up depending on what I’m going to learn and I really would like to do this more than once.  So here it goes…..Will you guys help me raise the funds to go? :: releases deep breath:: Wow that was hard typing.  For those of you who know me I’m not an asker I’m a giver/helper so this is semi-hard for me to do.  I mean it would be hard but the idea of learning from Joy Scott kinda kills some of that.  So can you guys help this girl out?  Can your friends? Siblings? Close relations?

In return for those of you who donate I will pick one of your names and make you a hat with my awesome new super powers.

So can you guys help this girl out?  Can your friends? Siblings? Close relations?

::UPDATE:: I found out today that it’s $150 for me to go for a hat blocking class.


Help Me Go to Millinery School

IF you do donate..THANK YOU OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH::clingy hug:: Please leave a comment letting me know you donated 🙂


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