I’ve hit the wall..and it’s covered in hats.

So for the past few weeks I’ve been non-stop with the hat making.  We did the Fall Harvest Arts & Crafts here in Michigan City, which was a 2 day thing and it left me beat.  Even with me extremely tired I attempted to make top hats and while they look great.  The effort and time that went into them left me even more tired of hats.

The first hat was for me.  I’m channeling Madame Genevieve Lefoux, who is this awesome steampunky scientist in one of my favorite series The Parasol Protectorant.  But I seem to be turning her costume into more of a Lord Akeldama-ish costume…I dunno It would be up to Gail Carriger to decide.  I really do look like Madame Lefoux thought 🙂 and I’m dying to blow stuff up in a giant octopus.  PLUS SHES A HATMAKER ::WAVES:: HELLO I’M A HAT MAKER!


The second hat, which I thought would be easier than the first, is a magician’s top hat.  I still need to finish the bottom and add more exploding things on it, but it’s cute.


Did I tell you this hats are hard to make?  I’ve never used so many swear words that weren’t because I was excited.  Hopefully I will get the flame lit under my butt soon…like tonight.

We have a show in New Buffalo, MI this weekend and I always do very well there.  Hubs already got another kiln of pottery done and all I have done is a big nothing.  I won’t include the top hats because well ones for me, and the other isn’t done.


If you would like a hatty thing the show is from 9-4 Michigan time at the New Buffalo High School this Saturday Oct. 15th!

I’m now off to drink a 12 pack of soda and try and get some energy in me.


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