Busy Busy Hat Lady


So I have been busy getting ready for all the craft fairs we have coming up.  Hats are coming out of the basement like crazy and every time I take a break I think of 5 new cool hats I should make.  Add to that the fact I found 2 vintage dress patterns that I really really want to make to wear to these events and I have almost no free time. THEN add to that the fact that I do all the design and painting for Michaels pottery…It’s just banana’s around here.

I have 4 boxes of hats!!!! I should some pieces at the last show, but I know these next ones are going to wipe me out.  So I figure the more the better because at some point there all going to be gone.  I really want to put some on etsy but with all the shows going on I’m scared I’ll put a piece up only to sell it.  Who knows maybe I’ll put some up if I do really well this weekend and buy a ridiculous amount of supplies to make more hats.


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