Arts & Craft Show Gets Me High

So we decided to do a few shows now that we’ve added pottery to the list, and it’s left us super busy.  Every night Michael makes pottery, I make it pretty, and I make hats…It’s been crazy.  Thank GOD theres a TV downstairs and toys so the kids can be entertained.  Tonight we do our first glazed batch of pots and I can’t wait to post pics of them!

Since there’s really no time for me to play with pottery I’ve been working on restocking my hats.

Pretty HUH?  The big pile of hats in the bottom middle picture are pillbox hats waiting for veils, flowers, etc.  I also have some pretty feathers arriving later this week.  I love love love love love making these hats.  Even if I never sell them it gives me the best feeling in the world to know I made them.  I’m getting better at making buckram frames and have come up with my own neat tricks for the perfect hat.  Though I won’t be upset if I sell them at all the events were doing.

So if your in the midwest area and want a pretty hat or cool pottery (which well have pics of soon) here are the dates:

Oct. 1-2 Michigan City Fall Fest at Riverside Marketplace

Oct. 16 New Buffalo, MI at the high school

Nov.? in Valpo for the christmas fair.

I hope to see you there friends in the area!  And if not maybe I’ll post these babies on etsy.

Post again soon!


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