Kick It Pottery Style

So as I mentioned in my last post we started doing pottery.  IT IS NOT sexy like in ghost.  It’s messy, it’s alot of work, but mostly it’s super frustrating.  My first time didn’t go so well because I couldn’t get the hang of kicking the wheel and using my hands at the same time.  Last night though I did manage to make a little creamer cup and 2 teacups for bella which I’m going to pipe some designs on to look like tinkerbell’s cups.

Because the hubs built this it is not made for short people like me.  So I have to have one leg on a post and the other kicking for me to have any balance or comfortability at all.  It is a ridiculous right sided body work out.  My right butt cheek looks great btw…left side not so much.

The farthest 2 on the right side are my teacups…..yes they look ‘eh.  I’m hoping though after I pipe the leaf details on them it won’t look so ‘eh.  Michael’s are of course the super nice ones on the left.  Not pictured is my really pretty creamer cup that I did under lots of pain pills…that I kinda don’t remember making.

We have a few more nights of pottery making before we can fill up bessie our gigantic kiln that could fit at least 2 dead bodies.  Then Michael is going to teach me how to make glazes because were awesome and we make our own glazes as well.


Keep you posted on the progress as much as I can.



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