I had not realized how long it’s been since my last blog!  I can’t believe I’ve slacked the whole summer away.  I mean I can, but you know what I mean.  Between moving into our new  home, getting our pottery studio set up..yes I said pottery studio, and letting go of my oldest so he could start soon I’ve just lost track of time.

My plans for the summer included the cookies challenge, starting our retro bizzaro etsy store and sewing and it all just went thpfff.  Our lease ended in our previous home and she ended up selling it to people who weren’t us.  Which really isn’t a big deal because a lot of things started to go wrong in that house and we just wouldn’t have the money to do the repairs.  So now were finally in a permanent home..still on the same block..still 5 house away from our in laws but in a permanent NO MORE MOVING house :).

So now that I finally have gotten over the blues of letting Arty go to school it’s time to get down to business.  As I mentioned were starting a pottery studio..because well you know what else don’t these two pastry chef’s do.  The hub has been busy making our own kickstand because were crazy and why not.  The line for the kiln is being set up this weekend and we should be all go’s by this sunday.  The kiln is way huge, I’m talking fit a dead body in it huge.  The rate this is going my craft basement is going to be overrun by the giganticness of the kickwheel and kiln and I’m not going to have any space for any other fun stuff.  Somehow I’m sure I’ll manage, hopefully it won’t get too dusty when I sew.

As for more food posts I have to admit I am burnt out.  This summer has been an emotional roller coaster and for those who follow me on twitter you know the events I’m talking about.  I promised I would do the cookie challenge and work on un-rusting my pastry skills but I ask that y’all give me some time.  It’s hard for me to bake when I don’t have my helper (arty) anymore and I just need to get over the fact that my son is now in kindergarten.  I could make Bella my new pasty helper but she doesn’t have the love for pastries like Arty has.  Soon though I promise, with apple picking coming up I’m going to have tons of tasty for you to try.

As soon as we get the pottery starting I’m going to post all the pics of what’s going on.  I don’t want to spoil it yet.  So keep an eye out for that post.



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