I’m back!

Finally I’m ready to join the blogging world yet again.  I’ll be done with markets for awhile since were moving into our final PERMANENT new home! YAY.  I really love this house but it’s just way to small and needs to much fixing up.  Our inlaws (god bless them) have gotten a newer smaller home and are giving us theirs!  How awesome is it that I get to raise my kids in the house my husband grew up in.  It’s got a huge backyard and a deck UGH just can’t wait to decorate and paint.

I have not forgotten about the cookie challenge I made myself 😉 it’ll come eventually and tomorrow I’m going to the farm to pick some fresh cherries, strawberries, and blueberries.  The raspberries are already gone booo, so I’ll have that to post about.  Also I’m on a mission to make the best leche quemada ever and I will definately share the recipe.

On a selfless plus I have just reopend my etsy store and have tons of pretties for sale.

 So glad to have a computer again and a semi not stressful life again Eeekkkk Can’t wait to start blogging!


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