Retro Bizzaro Back? Hell yes!!!

So during my break of no computer Michael and I had time to sit down and talk about future plans.   Somehow I ended up selling crafts at craft shows which pushed us even further along in our RB plans.

I am happy to say that yes I am selling Retro Bizzaro things at markets again ::insert crazy screams::  Also soon we will be putting our goodies on etsy but I’m getting settled in the markets first.

You can find me this Sat and possibly Sun behind Clippers Art Gallery in their beautiful courtyard from 11-5 in New Buffal MI.  Of course if you can’t make it but need a fix you can just email me and we can work something out.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy and excited ELATED and yadda yadda about this!

Whose ready to get their Retro Bizzaro freak on?

Photo of my goodies by Aimee W. and Kathy P.


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