Too Much Life Going On

I’m so behind on all my posts and for once I can say it’s not due to sickness or laziness.  In fact too much life has been going on.  Between family outings, family drama, and tickle time I’ve been to busy to sit down and blog (yet some how always time to tweet).  So I guess now’s a good time for one of those vent blogs….

My compressed cantaloupe experiment was not even worth recapping (major fails)  and the cookie challenge has yet to begin due to me being worried about crappy cookies.  I do think I will have husband force me to do them this week though.  I haven’t even gone to Joann Fabrics for craft stuff in 2 WEEKS!! That’s a long time for me especially with a gift card.

For once though I’m totally okay with not posting for awhile because I’ve been able to make some really great memories with my kids.  Who, for some reason have been making songs with “be boop bop” I think it’s a spongebob thing.

Yes that’s a picture of me throwing a ball at my daughters head…I’m a great parent.

Sometimes I wished out of all my 7 blogs (yes ive had that many) that I would have been smart enough to save those posts.  Because then at least I could pull out from my archive and use one of those old posts as a new post.

I guess I just haven’t decided what kind of blog I want to have.  Everyone says  you should have a blog “type” but I like my blog of random crafts, food, and life.  I like having a place to put my words down as stupid or non important as they are because it helps me relax and really look at things happening in my life.

I’m not looking for ad’s or sponsors..even though that would be awesome.  I guess I just want a piece of web to vomit my thoughts on.  If only somehow I could incorporate glitter into my word vomit..than I’d be super happy.

I hope that as time goes on I can figure out what I really want to do with this space of mine.  I want to write about food, but writing about food is hard for some reason.  Lot’s say that this space should be about my food so I can market myself…but how can I market myself properly without showing my true self.

If you know me, you know I’m all over the board in thoughts and personality…so why shouldn’t my blog be too?

I completely lost where I was going with this…and apparently it’s time to brush and braid my daughters my little ponies…So hopefully I’ll be posting soon, and that post will be about something worth wild.


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