Behold The Purse Hat

I’m not really a purse girl.  I love purses I just never have enough stuff to put in a purse.  Then when I go out I’m always afraid I’ll leave it behind, or if we go to a club heaven forbid I have to dance while holding my ridiculously big and bedazzled bag.  So why not make a hat/hairpiece that is a purse?  Well? 

When I hosted my craft party Julie brought some cute little bag clips she couldn’t use so she gave them to me.  I don’t know if it was the mass conception of food or the booze but somehow we started talking about purse hats.  So with my birthday coming up with mass quantities of cocktails planning to be had I knew I did not want to have a purse with me.
For some reason the whole time I was making it I was feeling the whole Mary Poppins gypsy band.

I can all ready imagine the gawks I shall recieve when I pull my ID out of my head!


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