Your how old?

My birthday is coming up and I am getting super excited.  I have horrible birthday luck.  It just always feels like more work than a bday, and something always goes wrong.  You can ask my hubs he can attest to it. 

This year is looking to be by far a non sucky birthday.  I will be sans kids, ALL 3, for the entire day and night.  That’s right, there staying with their gram grams overnight.  Now while it will be uber stressful for me to be apart hubs has promised to restrict my phone calls to at least 1 every 2 hours and will be shoving alcoholic drinks down me so I won’t even think of it. 

I will be getting a saucy new dress and hitting Chicago for a day of stuffing my face and shopping.   The dress will be black because…well because I always drop food on me.  So it’s half to be pretty half to cover my food jizz. 

I know we are having ramen for lunch, hitting vanille, and having dinner somewhere fancy.  If I’m a super good girl and lucky I might even be getting these off my list for my birthday.

1. Food

2. A nifty envelope maker from the spoon sisters

3. An OCD Chef Cutting board so I can have a little help trying to be crazy perfect

4. Labyrinth threads

5. Anything from Sublime Stitching

6. A new tattoo of a crazy squid throwing food at molly (my skull tattoo)

Well see what the birthday gods throw at me this year.  I’m hoping it will be AWESOME!


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